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Dental Claims Cleanup® - IT Support/HIPAA/Back-Up

We have a dedicated team of technology specialists supporting DCC's and our clients' networks specializing in the digital world in Dentistry. After our initial consultation Reuben will do a complimentary evaluation of your current technologies and advise on your network setup, back-up, HIPAA compliance etc., and come up with a proposal for technology integration to improve your productivity, efficiency, and compliance.

Services We Provide through Darkhorse Technologies:

1. Online Backups

No more taking home bulky drives - our online backup system runs day and night ensuring your data with encryption at an affordable price. Our backup system passes the newest HIPAA standards with a 151 point checklist to make sure your data can never be lost. It is also fully automated so you do not have to do a thing!

We install many redundant backup systems on each of the servers we manage to ensure that in the event of a hardware or software failure your computer systems will be up and running as quickly as possible.

2. HIPAA Protection and Compliance

We read the HIPAA law in its entirety and will do a full review of your office to make sure you are adhering to the law. New standards went into effect on September 23, 2013. Contact us today to make sure you're covered.

3. Dental Technical Support (On + Off Site)

We provide phone and on-site support when you want it. We prefer to fix things over the phone if possible, because they are fixed immediately - no waiting on a tech to be scheduled to come out for a resolution. We always provide on-site support in cases that cannot be fixed over the phone, or for emergencies.

4. Encrypted Email

To meet HIPAA email encryption standard, we offer this protected email service which integrates directly into Outlook.

5. Website Design and Management

Website need a revamp? We offer complete website design from start to finish - the only information we need from you is for content (pictures, bios, etc). We also take responsibility for any updates you might need at any point.