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The planning of the transition of a dental practice is often pushed to the back burner year after year. Now's the time to begin planning for your succession. Much thought should go into succession planning. Allow our team to guide you through this critical journey to arriving at your final destination.


Our team has inside access and knowledge to practices that are struggling on their own and realize there is power in numbers. Our team connects like-minded business owners together, making powerhouse partnerships.


Whether you prefer a long-term transition or you're ready to sell today, our team is prepared and ready to help meet your goals. Allow our team to evaluate your practice and set it up for a successful sale.

Our M&A Team

We love the building connections and partnerships to meet our clients transition goals.

Dr. Dorothy Kassab

CEO, President

Dr. Dorothy Kassab, CEO and Founder of DCC, has been in dental practice since 2000. She graduated from Buffalo Dental School and is the owner of Smile Solutions in Canastota, NY and recently sold Grant Blvd Dental in Syracuse, NY. Mrs. Susan Marvin, CFO and Senior Account Executive of DCC has been a manager of the dental practices and in dental billing since 2002. Prior to her position in dentistry, she worked in the corporate world, as well as, in medical billing. Over the years, we have locally helped Dr. Kassab's friends and colleagues with their practice management and billing problems. In 2015, we were recruited to work on a national level, so Dental Claims Cleanup emerged as a national dental billing business with remote capability. Remote access allowed us to contract the most skilled manpower and help clients nationwide. As we work with dental offices, it has become apparent that dental billing should be an outsourced service. The medical billing has been outsourced by physicians for years. The fact remains that chasing after insurances and patients for money is a full-time, mundane job, and virtually impossible to perform accurately and efficiently between patient care and constant interruptions. Not many dental offices can afford to have a dedicated person doing this job. We take pride in sharing our expertise with our clients and, in many cases, save their practices. Our clients include: retiring dentists, who are getting ready for sale of their practice and need to improve their accounting numbers; new buyers of dental practices that acquired a high accounts receivable; dentists that have personnel on leave that normally handle their accounts receivable and insurance billing; offices that somehow fell behind in their unresolved insurance claims and need some help with claims cleanup (therefore the name of our company); dentists having a difficult time finding skilled dental billers who need that service outsourced. Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to providing you with results and will exceed your expectations!

Jessica Sloma

Vice President

Jessica began her career in advertising, working her way from Administrative Assistant to Account Manager to Partner at an Advertising Agency. Through Jessica’s journey in the world of advertising, she found her passion, not only in sales and marketing, but entrepreneurship. Jessica went on to consult independently for small to mid-size companies by building meaningful and successful sales and marketing campaigns. Having the opportunity to launch her first start up business, Jessica started a charter transportation company in 2013. Jessica reached her goal of $1,000,000 in sales in the first year, then sold the company within three years.

Jessica went on to serve as Vice President of two resorts where she planned, directed and controlled sales and marketing, including all aspects of Greek Peak & Toggenburg Mountain Ski Area Management, Hope Lake Lodge and Conference Center, The Outdoor Adventure Center, Waterfalls Spa, Cascades Indoor Waterpark as well as multiple dining venues and resort events. Jessica and the team have a proven track record of increasing groups sales from $400,000 annually to $900,000 in 2014, then to $3,000,000 in 2019; increased wedding business from 13 weddings in 2013 to 65 weddings in 2018 [a 500% increase]. Jessica also directed all advertising and marketing initiatives resort wide, servicing as an in-house advertising agency.

Today, Jessica has returned to her entrepreneurial passion in assisting select clients in achieving their goals in the areas of brand reputation, executive management, sales and marketing – along with her tribe of the industry best at Dental Claims Cleanup and The Indigo Solutions.

Jessica resides with her husband Ken and their two sons in Syracuse, NY. The absolute support she receives from her family, allows Jessica to continue to reach her goals and evolve both professionally and personally.