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Dental Billing Services: Our Process

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Hear from Ramar Morton, Analytics Director, Intro & Testimonial:

We keep your Cashflow HIGH & Accounts Receivable LOW


We will first set up a phone consultation meeting. In this meeting, you will provide us with your problem list, your priorities, and your accounts receivable report breakdown. We want to know what your struggles are and be able to help your office. It is very helpful to have team members input prior to this meeting. Sit down with them and ask what their struggles are and if there is anything that they feel needs attention first.

Practice Analysis:

If you do not know what services you need or if you want us to evaluate your billing and the performance of your team, we will begin your case, by signing you up for a practice analysis ($450). We will take one week to research your case, and then will have a follow-up meeting, where we will provide you with a spreadsheet of our research. We will then finalize a plan that fits your needs and provide you with a quote.


To work on your accounts, our account specialists have access to your system during working hours with a designated computer station. If you want us to enter all your mailed insurance and patient checks, EOBs are scanned daily for your team to be ready for input into your dental software. Checks go to your office and you deposit them. We communicate daily via email to update your team as to what needs to be deposited. Our account specialists remotely tap into your dental software and enter the data. We generate statements right out of your system. Within 24 hours of treatment, e-claims are reviewed, narratives submitted, and NEA attachments drafted for faster claim approval before they are sent out. Daily, dedicated DCC account specialists work accounts aging over 30 days, right out of your system. We research unresolved claims, then call insurances to see the status. We will research patient balances, then contact the patient first. If we are not successful, we send a paper statement via mail. Any errors that we find along the way, are immediately corrected. These errors could include patient information, insurance setup, dental coding, supporting documentation etc. We try to utilize texting and emailing first, then phone calls second, since these methods of communications result in quicker responses from our patients. New Patient Account setup is verified prior to sending an insurance claim. If you contract the collection process, we work with our independent partner to oversee the collection or small claims court. Weekly, we will notify you of problem aging accounts and await your decision for resolution (i.e. collection agency, small claims court, write-off, grievance letter to patient, patient dismissal or however you direct us).


We e-mail you bi-weekly reports of your accounts receivable.

Bi-Weekly 15-30 Minute Conference Calls:

We will conduct bi-weekly conference calls to communicate our progress and to tell you if any errors continue to occur. You will receive an update of new problems we are encountering and improvements you are making. We try to identify where the errors are coming from and provide you with guidance for correction of the problems. Any concerns are discussed. As we plug the hole during our cleanup, it's important that we also stop new errors going forward. This is why we are different from other companies. We try to correct your problem from both ends-past errors and train to prevent future errors.

Requirements for Service:

  • dedicated computer with 3.2 Ghz speed
  • digital charts and x-rays
  • electronic claims service and NEA attachment service
  • scanner
  • internet