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National Dental Practice Management Services

Dental Claims Cleanup®, LLC is a national dental billing service with expertise, experience, excellence servicing our dental community for over 15 years. Our dental billing service improves your cash flow giving you more time with your patients. Get paid on unresolved dental insurance claims & overdue patient balances! Let us work in the background, free up your team for live operations, and allow your team to spend more time with your patients.

Service Founded by a Dentist, for a Dentist

Dr. Dorothy Kassab, Founder & CEO

A DDS knows what a DDS wants

Benefits of Working with Dental Claims Cleanup

  • Access to dental billing experts in the field
  • Supervised by the owner Dentist
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased cash flow for your practice
  • Frees up your dental team to work with your patients and on growing your practice
  • Happier patients
  • Hand-off the fighting of dental insurances for your hard-earned compensation 
  • Success, growth, & overall practice improvement from free ongoing practice management advice and coaching based on tracked trends
  • Access to partner vendors & discounts, & a resource for financial, IT, marketing, materials & equipment, regulations, & operational business decisions
  • Complimentary coaching of your team & access to dental business systems & protocols that have proven for success

Services for Your Dental Practice

Dental Billing Academy

For Dentists or the Dental Team. Effective Dental Billing & Dental Management Courses, 4 to 8-week modules, hands-on, but convenient online  courses.            

Effective Dental Billing


Dental Billing Service

Who is managing your cash flow and the dental billing in your office?  How effective do you think is your current dental billing?  Our service handles daily electronic claims, claims management,  EOB/EFT accounting, patient balances management, and collections.  We can customize your service based on your needs and your practice size or group of practices.  Our service is able to put together supervised teams to support large multi-practice dental offices and DSOs.                                                         

Dental Billing Supervision

Worried about your team's effectiveness? We can supervise your billing team and provide ongoing reporting and feedback.  We train them, they report to us, we supervise, identify problems, retrain or redirect, and report to you. Let us be your watchdog.                                                             

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We charge flat rate service fees. Our clients are safe. Charging a % of collection, by billing companies, has been determined to be fee splitting and illegal. In February 2017, Medicaid has requested refunds from providers across the nation that pay billing companies a % of collections. Other insurance carriers most likely will follow. Monthly service fee is based on a volume of 250 claims per month. Service fee will be prorated based on the individual practice claim volume.

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